Thinking About Buying the Makita BHP451 Cordless Drill? Read This Comprehensive Review

Published: 04th June 2010
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When you are looking for a brand-new hammer drill/driver, you will most likely wish to check out the 18-V Makita BHP451. This unique Makita has many chracteristics that you will not see with different hammer drills and it is sure to help you with finishing almost any tricky job you want.

The Makita BHP451 comes with an innovative battery technology known as the LXT Lithium-Ion system, and it has a lot of advantages compared to the typical NiCad or NiMH batteries that are seen in many drills.

Not only are you seeing about 1,400 battery life cycles due to this innovative technology, but the life is much longer, it recharges significantly faster, and the batteries are more lightweight. This means less concern about your arm getting fatigued while heavy drilling. These Li-Ion batteries also include built-in shock absorbing features to help protect both them and the drill.

An additional really unique feature with the Makita BHP451 is the new 45-minute Optimum Charger. It takes advantage of a built-in memory chip in the battery and a CPU chip in the charger to communicate with one another. The purpose is so that the charger can analyze the data in the battery and determine the quickest charging method at the time.

Although the Makita BHP451 is a high powered drill that packs 560 in./lbs of torque, it's still extremely compact and lightweight. At just 9-7/8 inches long and a weight of just 4.9 pounds, you have the power to drill for extended time periods and avoid growing tired.

There are 3 speed settings you are able to select from in addition: 0-300 RPM on low, 0-600 at the mid level, and 0-1,700 RPM in high gear. This ensures you can constantly choose the optimum speed for whatever job you're working with.

In hammer mode, the drill packs a maximum of 4,500 blows per minute (BPM) on the lowest gear, up to 9,000 in the middle gear, and an unheard of 25,500 BPM at the third and highest gear! It's additionally extremely simple to switch from drill to drive mode with the useful Shift-Lock drive system.

Yet another wonderful feature of the Makita BHP451 is the LED light. If you work in smaller or areas with minimal light often, you'll truly love this feature.

The Makita BHP451 has an incredible amount of power, is lightweight and comfortable in your hand, has a truly amazing battery system, and many other cool characteristics. All in all, I believe this is an awesome hammer drill/driver and it is worth taking a look at on your own.

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